Monday, August 28, 2017

Guitar Shack Consignment Page

Current inventory of consignment electric guitars and basses. For more information on a specific piece, give us a call at 403-255-5543 or email us at

The Strat Trinity of Tone:1957, 1959, 1963

1957 Fender Stratocaster: Please inquire
It's the REAL DEAL.  Comes with original hard case, and some case candy.  All original.

1963 Fender Stratocaster: $16,999.00 
Vintage gem, all original, including strap and trem arm. Comes with USA Jazzmaster late 50-early custom 60's case.  Price just reduced.

1959 Fender Stratocaster with original case:  $25,999
This is an all original instrument in very good condition.

Jagmaster by James Fry:$1499.00 $1099.00
Built by James Fry, TV Jones Supertron pickup, master volume with push/pull coil tap.  Pinstriped by Dougie McLellan

Yamaha SA2200:$2250.00
High end made in Japan model.  Comes with case.


Gibson 1946 L-7:$3499.00
Very good condition.  Comes with cardboard case, will need a new one.


Harmony/Stella(?) Beatles Bass: $599.00
with hard case

Fender Squir Jag Bass: $325.00
with gig bag

Modulus MF4 Flea Bass  :1275.00
with case

Collection from Whitey: Three guitars and one amp head

Fender Music Master, appears to be mid to last '60's or early '70:$2200.00

Phillippe D. Custom Tele built for Whitey: $2900.00
Highly flamed/birdseye maple neck.  Unique hand inlay of skull and crossbones on body done in mother of pearl.

Coles G1 electric:$750.00
 1976-77 Marshall Lead Master Mark2 head:$2600.00

Gibson Super 400:$11,000
Comes with original case.  Early 2000, excellent shape.

Harmony Les Paul style:$599.00
Decked out with lots of inlay, comes with case

Rickenbacker 610: $1925.00
1992, with hardshell case

Fender Offset Jazz guitar with Gibson '57 pickups and gig bag:$775.00

Spector Rebop 4 with hard shell coffin case:$1499.00

Jackson Soloist with gig bag: $899.00

Fender Strat with hardshell case: $699.00
Made in Japan.  Upgraded with Sperzel locking tuners

Gibson ES-335TDW with hardshell case:$2599.00
Early '70's.  Players guitar, lots of vibe.

Fender Strat with original hardshell case:$899.00
USA, 1995, 40th anniversary

Collings 290 DC : $2999.00
Comes with Ameritage made Collings hardshell case.  Barely played.  Mint. 

Yamaha Pacifica 1412 :$1599.00
Comes with hardshell case.  Don't be fooled by the name, this is not a current Pacifica model.  This is a vintage high-end Yamaha with gorgeous woods, inlay up and down the fingerboard and high quality hardware.

Ron Kirn Custom Tele:$1699.00
with case.  Listed as one of America's top tele builders.

Fender USA Telecaster with case: $1200.00

1969 Gibson ES345 TD with original hard case: $4295.00
Added Bigsby and Seymour Duncan Jazz in neck, Alnico 2 in bridge

Rare 1955 Gibson L5 CES with original case: $18,999 $17,999
Very good condition.  Alnico V P-90's.  1 of 19 made in '55.

Epiphone Joe Pass Emperor: $599.00
Good condition.  Affordable jazz guitars.  No case

Fender Jazz fretless bass:$550.00
with gig bag

Fender Squir Classic Vibe Pre-Bass:425.00

Ernie Ball Axis Super Sport with original case:$1250.00
Nice condition, sweet guitar.

Gretsch G6120-1960 with original case:$2699.00
Excellent condition.  This model is no longer offered by Gretsch.  This is a real gem.

Gibson ES-335 Custom Shop - $4,695 + tax
Good condition, heavy relic,certificate of authenticity, comes with hardshell case.

Epiphone Les Paul Slash - $600 + tax
Used condition, Slash model Les Paul, comes with hard shell case.

1978 Ibanez Iceman - $1,299 + tax
Used condition, rare, comes with original hard shell case.

ESP LTD Deluxe - $749 + tax
VG condition, Evertune bridge system installed, does not come with case.

1962-1963 Ibanez Electric - $499 + tax
Good condition, first Ibanez model for the electric guitar, comes with original case.

Our current inventory of acoustic guitars on consignment. For more information on a specific piece, give us a call at 403-255-5543 or email us at

Sigma acoustic:$299.00

Larrivee OM-40 Custom Shop:$1899.00
Excellent condition, with original hardshell case. 
Epiphone Masterbuilt DR-500 with side mounted factory electronics and case: $500.00

Ibanez 12 String with electronics and case:399.00

A and L Ami Parlour:$199.00
With gig bag

Flatiron Bouzouki: $799.00
Pre-Gibson, mid 80's.  Some player wear but in good shape.  Comes with original hard case. 

 Martin D-28: $2399.00
With original case.  Lightly played.  Recently repaired after it took a tumble so the price has been reduced to reflect that.

Yamaha L-10A: $599.00
'70's, with case

***SOLD***1953 Martin D28 - $11,999 + tax
VG condition, this is one of the most sought after post-war Martins. Has light wear for its age, there is a crack that has been repaired on the soundboard and it appears that the bridge has been reglued in its lifetime but the reglue is very well done. Brazilian rosewood back and sides, case seems to be original or at least from the '50s.

Our current amplifier inventory

Fender Rumble 25: $100.00

Fender Pro Reverb: $1099.00
with footswitch and cover

Line 6 Duoverb Head:$370.00
with footswitch

Fender Princeton 112:$99.00
Solid state

Roland Super Cube 60:$475.00
with cover and manual

Galien Kruger GK400RB Head:$299.00

Acoustic 15" cab:$150.00

Fender Tube Reverb Tank: $899.00
Limited edition, tweed.  Excellent condition

Fender Acoustasonic Ultralight head and cab $799.00
Mint.  With bag, manual, footswitch, all cables

Polytone 102 :$625.00
with footswitch

Orange Tiny Terror with 1X12 cab: $900.00
with bag and cables

Bugera Vintage 22:$475.00
with cover and ftsw, great shape

Trace Elliot 715 200w bass amp, made in the UK:$799.00

Vintage Fender Twin Reverb:$1850.00
The serial number and features indicate that this model is from 1975. It is well above players grade and is in excellent condition. Footswitch and tilt back legs are also included.

Harmony H205:$575.00
The above listed instrument appears to be a mid 1950’s Harmony guitar amplifier. The wattage is unknown on this model. (possibly in the 20 – 30w range) It has a 12” speaker, five tube chassis, 2 channels, (one mic and one instrument) rear control panel, 3 inputs, 3 knobs, (v1,v2,tone) tweed covering with blue sides, leather handle, brown grille cloth, harmony logo with notes in lower right corner. The overall condition of the amplifier is in players condition, but appears to be in working order.

Harmony H306c:$475.00
The above listed instrument appears to be a Harmony H306C amplifier from the late 1950’s – 1965. The wattage is unkown, but would probably be in the 30w range. The features on this include: 1 12” Jensen speaker, six tube chassis, 2 channels, vibrato, (later models refer to this as “tremolo”) rear forward facing control panel, four inputs, (3 regular, 1 mic) six knobs, (v1, v2, tone 1 tone 2 vibrato x 2) one button footswitch, blue gray cabinet, silver/grey grille cloth with the harmony logo badge on the top left corner. Manufactured between 1950 – 1965, with a best guess of around mid to late ‘50s on this model for dating. Players grade condition would be used to describe the overall condition.

Fender Rumble 60 bass amp:$109.00

1962-1963 Gibson GA300 - $2,000 + tax  $1500.00
VG condition, rare '60s Gibson GA300 RVT ''Super 300", tuckaway head, 60 watts of tube power, comes with service papers .

Mesa Boogie Recto-verb - $900 750.00 + tax
VG condition, single rectifier recto-verb 50. 

Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Mini Stack - $1,099 + tax
VG good condition, comes with cover for head & cab.

Gibson Minute Man - $650 + tax
'66 - '68 era, comes with footswitch, reverb & tremolo.  All in working condition, newly serviced.



Our current inventory of pedals and effects on consignment.
For more information on a specific piece, give us a call at 403-255-5543 or email us at

Behringer Rack Tuner:$99.00

Behringer mini mixer:$30.00

Zoom 505 effects pedal:$20.00

Boss Turbo Distortion DS2:$60.00

LR Baggs GigPro:$110.00
Factory reburbished

Boss Bassman pedal: $120.00

Roger Mayer Octavia:$225.00

Fender 2 button footswitch: $59.99
New store stock.  Vintage style RCA connectors

Boss FZ-5 fuzz:$85.00

TC Harmonizer with adaptor:$260.00

Danelectro Cool Cat:$35.00

Big Joe Stomp:$129.00

Boss GT-100 Multi effects unit: $450.00
Very good condition

Neve N6 Power Supply:$599.00

Electro Harmonix Big Muff: $89.00

Crybaby Wah:$75.00

Joe Satriani Big Bad Wah:$120.00

Vintage '60's Jenn Wah: $350.00

Fulltone Clyde Deluxe Wah:$200.00 $189.00

Vox Ice 9 Overdrive: $90.00 $80.00
Model JS-OD.  Nice shape.

Tech 21 Sansamp(Oxford) - $149 + tax
VG condition, capable of providing sweet cleans, to crushing distortion, comes with original instructions.

Boss Hi-Band Flanger - $160 + tax
Vintage Japanese, original box and manual.

 Marshall Reflector RF-1 - $55 + tax
Six reverbs add diffuse trails to your playing without ever swallowing your tone, including time, damping, and level, offering effects that range from a spacious hall to the sound of a studio plate via the beating of a vintage spring.

Steroid stack overdrive crunch with incredible sustain and harmonics. - See more at:
Steroid stack overdrive crunch with incredible sustain and harmonics. - See more at:
Bad Cat X-Treme Tone  - $375 + tax $299.00
Used.  This pedal provides two distinct gain modes: half-boost and full-boost. Punch on the half-boost when you want some warm, edgy crunch. Then when it's time for the tune to scream, kick it into Stage 2 to thicken the overdrive gain.

BBE Freq Boost Vintage Treble Boost - $99 + tax
Like new.  The Freq Boost is patterned after a rare Treble Booster of the mid-'60s that gave many famous players the ability to add sustain, fatten and overdrive their favorite guitar amplifier.

Dunlop MXR Auto Q - $139 + tax 
Like new.  Funkify your sound, volume, decay, "Q," and range control. Tough housing, glow-in-the-dark markings.

Morley Volume Pedal - $120 + tax
Used condition, vintage Morley volume pedal.

Our current inventory of consignment amps.  For more information on a specific piece, give us a call at 403-255-5543 or email us at